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The International Parthenon Marbles Action Committee

Who we are -

IPSACI is the world’s largest international action group working for the unconditional return of the looted Parthenon Sculptures from the British Museum to Greece. Via our  associated Greek and overseas internet campaign groups we represent over 185,000 members worldwide. We believe that action, primarily, not words, will help restore the unity of the Parthenon, a unique UNESCO heritage monument. 

The Parthenon  is  arguably the most beautiful architectural construction in history. Even in its partially damaged present state the Parthenon is still an object of haunting beauty, a symbol of the birthplace of Democracy and of an age of supreme freedom of thought, science, philosophy, art  and civic organisation – the  Golden Age of Greece. It is the defining symbol of western civilisation and has been the central symbol of the national, cultural and historical identity of Greeks for the last 2,500 years. Nobody except Greece can claim to have the legal or cultural right to possess parts of the looted monument.       

The need for the creation of IPSACI , a New Zealand based incorporated non-profit society with offices in Athens and Auckland  became pressing in 2009 as more and more media, political, and cultural attention came to be focussed on our work. We  needed a vehicle to organise, finance and supervise our campaign  and to support various academic and other programmes to raise international awareness of the necessity of returning the Parthenon Marbles to their rightful place in Athens.

IPSACI was the brainchild of Alexis Mantheakis, the creator of the two very successful internet Parthenon campaign groups, together with his long-time New Zealand friend and associate, businessman  Alan Smith, and Dimitra Christidou Mantheakis, a well-known Greek best-selling  author, archaeologist and foreign language teacher. A team of eminent academics, doctors, journalists, lawyers and professionals from other disciplines agreed to join our board and to dedicate themselves to the common goal – to reunite the Duveen Room British Museum Parthenon Scuptures with those in Athens and to put right a historic wrong. For this we need your help.

We are also the first  Parthenon action society to have a strong presence and members in Athens.


Please help us in this campaign.


Our board of directors is as follows:-


IPSACI Board of Directors

Alexis Mantheakis - Chairman and Founder, writer and media personality.

David Alan Smith - Treasurer, British born NZ businessman.

Dimitra Christidou Mantheakis - Archaeologist, Athens based best-selling author.

Professor Eric J. Wainwright - (Cantab.) British-born university professor (Aus).

Dr John Edward Olive - (UK) Consultant Psychiatrist.

Caryn Spencer Smith - Sculptor/Painter, trained in marble sculpting in Tinos.

Ioannis Nikolaou Aletras
- Former Onassis family lawyer.

Sophia Dimitriou Economou - Business Executive, former head of an oil company based in Geneva, Switz. Founder of the GRIWIS, a New Zealand/Greek Association.

Louay Alsaadi - Greco-Syrian journalist, based in Athens, active in reforestation of Mt Penteli and in numerous civic volunteer projects.

Vicky Protopappa - Athens Pharmacist

Chrysanthi Dimitriou Sotiriou - 28 year veteran of the Athens Australian Embassy, currently works for a multinational company.

Marina-Georgia Mantheakis - Television, newspaper and magazine journalist, specializes in Health and Dietary issues.

Ioannis Makris - Athens Lawyer.

Keith McConnell - NZ based business consultant.

Robin McAndrew - Senior employee of a NZ multinational.